Sharing Grief: The Top Ten Ways to Occupy a Sleepless Night!! (You won’t believe #11!)

  1. Consider all the ways that you could off yourself if you hadn’t made that pesky commitment to life!
  2. Begin writing a blog about the top ten things to…well, whatever.
  3. Truly appreciate your friends’ words.
  4. Get frustrated.
  5. Overthink
  6. Underthink
  7. Sideways Think (really, the last three don’t matter. The point is to really get inside your head and kick the tires on your Toyota Anxiousness, or whatever the kids are yeeting these days.)
  8. Run “Baby Shark,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” or anything by Sylvia Plath through your head 52 times.
  9. Mourn Plath’s Death (and your pesky commitment to life!).
  10. Be grateful to be breathing another day. Seriously.
  11. Bonus! Short on time for self-loathing? Too bad. Because your partner put together a list of people who support you along with their messages of support. You don’t get to hate yourself today.

There are too many people you trust who love you. Remember that today. And every fucking day.

You are loved. And your commitment to life means that you get to be loved for your whole, long life.

I love you, Neener. 💜

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