Sharing Joy: Stuck Points and Alternative Thoughts

I’m starting a second part to my blog. Today, I am recognizing where I have been emotionally stuck, and I’ve got new affirmations to tell myself.

My success in this process has been due to literal MONTHS of therapy and digging into some heavy shit. Here goes:

Point 1

Stuck point: “Changes in routines mean I have no control.”

New thought: “I still have control over my behaviors. I’m allowed to create new routines. I can determine, through logical analysis, which behaviors I have control over.”

Point 2:

Stuck point: “if l am vulnerable, that will be used against me.”

New thought: “Person X’s use and misuse of my vulnerability was abuse. I am worthy of loving relationships.”

Point 3:

Stuck point: “If I set any boundaries, people will leave me.”

New thought: “I am worthy of setting boundaries that support my own emotional health and safety.”

Point 4:

Stuck point: “If I am emotional, bad things will happen.”

New thought: “Emotions are okay to have. I am worthy of recognizing and validating my own emotions.”

Point 5:

Stuck point: “I am powerless in relationships” (based on person X and person Y’s abuse)

New thought: “I CAN and I HAVE said no. Asserting control over my OWN appropriate behaviors is not a toxic act. In fact, it is healthy.”

Final Thoughts

Buckle up, because I’m getting healthy.


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