Your company, Ford Motor Company, just received complaints from 26 people for faulty gas tanks resulting in fires when certain models of cars were rear-ended.

As the management team, you must do damage control!


  1. Lead—responsible for the overall leadership of the group
  2. Technician—responsible for researching solutions (you may have more than one)
  3. Graphic designer—responsible for researching graphics associated with your end products

By the next day, you must have a plan and present that plan to the rest of the class (informally) including the following:

  1. A communication for internal staff.
  2. A communication for the customers.
  3. A plan for a press release on social media.
In order to assist you, your group has the opportunity for three clues. Each clue will direct you to a resource or something similar to get you started, but BEWARE!Using a clue can also increase your chances of future danger!! (Within the context of The Game, of course.) Clue One Clue Two Clue Three